The Wider Benefits of Free School Meals

Free School Meals support children to make sure they have a full healthy meal at school every day. However, this isn’t the only reason it’s important that you should apply if you think your child could be eligible.

For every child at our school that is registered as a receiver of Free School Meals, our school receives significant additional funding through the pupil premium scheme that can be used to provide additional services for your child. As a result, by registering your child for free school meals, or even by checking to see if you could be eligible, you are supporting your child’s school and their education.

In addition, by registering your child for Free School Meals, you also ensure that they would be eligible to receive additional support outside of school time. For example, free school meal vouchers during school closures.

We believe that it’s important that every child and every family receives the support they are entitled to. We understand therefore that it’s important to reduce any stigma that may be associated with FSM.

As a result, we therefore ensure, as we are obligated to legally, that every child can remain anonymous in their reception of free school meals.

The application process for Free School Meals is run by the local authority. The best place to start the process is on the following government website: .

However, we are always looking to help anyone who is having trouble getting what they are entitled to. Please contact our school office if you would like help signing up for free school meals.

If you think your child may be eligible, don’t hesitate to register as soon as you can.